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Giovanni Balderi

Giovanni Balderi was born in Seravezza, a charming town where marble is made and which has always been part of his cultural and physical heritage. Giovanni studied sculpture in Pietrasanta where he graduated from the Istituto Statale d’Arte, earning 2 scholarships.

He knew that to become a great Master one had to be taught by the great Masters; therefore, he worked in illustrious studios, asking questions, getting answers and discovering his own style.

He himself later became a Master, travelling to Brisbane, Australia and Alabama in the U.S., to talk about his sculptures and teach students how to remove and caress the marble with a chisel.
The more you get to know Giovanni, the more you understand his creations and his belief in touching his sculptures, accompanying them and dancing with them, carving and polishing lightly so as not to hurt his Venus flower and damage its candour. Giovanni loves every tiny detail of his creations, even the smallest grain of marble dust blown away, because as the sculptor says, “a sculpture is finished when, like snow, its shape remains in your emotions”.

Pure light entering any location unveils one of Giovanni Balderi‘s works.
One may ask how a vibrant light or a drapery falling like silk can actually be made out of such a rigid material, like the hard and heavy white Carrara marble.

Giovanni gives his Venus immortality in its shape, like a beautiful woman who never grows old, but appears so that you may fill your eyes with grace, beauty and taste: austere timeless beauty.

Giovanni’s works emanate a subtle and delicate sensuality. Viewing Roses in Love you can feel their love for each other locked in their intimate embrace, hugged and cradled in a beautiful white marble block that is gently rocking them as if they were in a boat on a lake.